Denis Barry was born on February 19th, 1989 in the Lower Hudson River Valley of New York. His fascination with the artistic process began early on with sculpting clay. As this fascination grew, he was instilled with the desire to share his creations with others, often giving clay toys to friends and family. His later formative years broadened this artistic inclination to encompass drawing, painting, and even some printmaking techniques such as block printing and silkscreening. During this time he was awarded First in various scholastic art competitions, and was able to pinpoint the successful elements to his body of work. The recurring term used by judges and peers to describe his work was “raw”; and so he used his collegiate years at Dutchess Community College and the Fashion Institute of Technology to refine and balance this almost visceral, “raw”, quality. Under the guidance and tutelage of his professors, he was able to evolve his work to be bigger, bolder, and more raw, all the while remaining balanced, compelling, and approachable. His two most recent series “Scrawls” and “Blue Figures” reflect this balance of rawness and refinement. Both projects strive to forge and uphold a middle ground between Process Art and Impressionism

contact : denisbarryart@gmail.com